Akira 101 Lip Sync Plug Mouth Set includes 16 different plugs mouth shapes compatible with our Akira 101 Blank Head with Akira 101 Face Replacements with mouth pocket, enabling you to have an easy replacement mouth shape system.

Each plug has a magnet to facilitate replacement on the face. The plug inserts in the mouth pocket giving you repeatability for the positioning of the mouth. Each mouth shape can be painted with acrylic paints or even add extra features on top of it with clay.

This mouth shape system allows you to perform lip-syncing and a range of emotions. We included in-between shapes for extra animation smoothness.

Please note each mouth plug usually come with 1 single magnet although there are two areas to allocate a magnet. If you plan to add some clay on the mouth plugs please get in touch so we can insert 2 magnets per mouth plug.

Key features

  • Shaped as the pocket in our Akira 101 face replacement with mouth pocket.
  • Fixed mouth shapes for easy animation.
  • Magnet keeps the mouth plug in position, avoiding for it falling off.
  • Shapes for the following phonemes/expressions:
    • A, I
    • E
    • O
    • U, or use it as in-between for Rest-Q and W
    • C, D, K, G, N, R, S, J, Y, Z, or use it as an in-between for Rest-E, or a more relaxed E sound
    • F, V
    • Th
    • L
    • M, B, P, this shape should be used before the sound is made, also this plug is good to be used when the character is not talking
    • W, Q – Kiss, or use it as an extreme U sound. In this case, the “U” plug will be a nice in-between shape
    • Rest Shape, used during pauses between words and sentences
    • In-between previous to O. The phoneme “O” is quite extreme, so this in-between will help to smooth the animation
    • Smile “little”. This shape can be used as it is or as an in-between of the next shape called “big smile”
    • Smile “big”
    • Sad, upset
    • Angry
  • The mouth plugs are customizable to your own flesh colour using acrylic paints. Please note that this plug set comes unpainted.
  • The design allows you to access the tongue easily for painting it.
  • Lightweight but strong plastic construction using white Nylon PA2200.
  • Paint it and/or Clay it. Paint all the parts or shape them with oven-baked clay like Super Sculpey (for oven-baked clays please note a 90°C max. temperature) and Super Sculpey firm or air-dry clay such as apoxie sculpt or miliput.
  • Each mouth shape has a hidden magnet inserted and glued (no assembly required). 
  • More shapes can be made on request, please get in touch!

Tips and tricks

  • Pay more attention to sound rather than written words as this will help you identify the most appropriate mouth-plug.
  • Different accents/languages will require different mouth shapes. This set is based in generic English.
  • Use in-between shapes for smoother animation.
  • Pauses are very important.
  • Consonants are more important than vowels, so if there is no room for both vocal and consonant use the consonant phoneme.
  • Sometimes the mouth shape is reached a couple of frames before the sound is made.
Weight 30 g
Dimensions 110 × 65 × 19 mm


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