This is our professional stop motion armature kit for you to assemble and customise to your own character design.

It has been designed to be as big as a humanoid size of 12in (30cm) (scale male 1:6) but there are many other combinations that you can achieve with the parts from male / female humanoid to other animal creatures in your imagination.

This armature kit is packed with great features. Engineered in different grades of stainless steel to avoid galling yet with magnetic properties, it provides a strong and resistant structure as an armature for your character. With 6 rigging points, ball and socket knees and elbows, easy replacement hands and 4 tie down points (2 on each foot), you know this armature will give you the performance and quality you need. Akira Kit Pro is ideal whether you’re an amateur or you’re on the professional side.

Please note that this stop motion armature kit has been designed to be assembled by a capable adult. This stop motion armature is NOT intended as a toy.

Key features

  • Fully scalable shoulders, feet, ankles, legs, hips, spine, arms and neck.
  • Unique joint at the base of the neck for more tilting side to side.
  • 19 joints + 2 wrists including shoulders and toes.
  • 4 tie down points, two on each foot (one on the front and one at the back)
  • All plates are made of a special stainless steel alloy that:
    • Gives magnetic properties to feet and hands
    • Reduces galling against balls
  • 6 Rigging points of two different types:
    • 4 x 1/8in square tube, easily secured with a grub/set screw.
    • 2 x M3 threaded holes.
  • One of the M3 rigging points on the pelvic area can also be used to fit a tail! (Tail not included).
  • Easy replacement hands secured with a grub/set screw.
  • Single joints capable to withstand the armature’s own offset weight.
  • Small joints for fewer restraints on puppet design.
  • All components are antirust as they’re made of special stainless steel, maintaining its magnetic characteristics
  • Fully compatible with our Akira 101 Blank Head.
  • Simplified design for an easier assembly

 The kit includes

  • All parts needed to build a humanoid armature, including joints, threaded rod, stainless steel threaded balls, brass and fasteners.
  • 2 Tie downs.
  • 2 Hex keys.
  • Threadlocker high strength glue.
  • Wire (for hands).
  • Manual for humanoid assembly.

Tips: How to glue the parts



Weight 300 g
Dimensions 181 × 76 × 22 mm

2 reviews for Akira Kit Pro – Stop motion armature kit

  1. Sam

    I love the kit and it was lots of fun making it was the cutin the rod to exsact side but it looks grate and is a high quality armature for its price I love. It is fantastic

  2. Fabrizio Pacetti (verified owner)

    Easy to assemble, a really well made kit!!!

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