Akira Rig

Akira Rig is a very compact rig for your stop motion armature, easy to use in small sets. By being small it can be well hidden behind your character making it easy to eliminate in post-production. The design reduces the torque that the rig will need to support positions so more poses can be achieved and joints will suffer less. Although it’s compact, the joints are strong and able to cope with the weight of the character attached to.

Akira Rig’s connections have been soldered in so no need for glue. It can be used straight out of the box!

Akira Rig has been designed to be fully compatible with our stop motion armatures, however they are compatible with many other armatures as it comes with 2 different connection arms. You can choose from 2 different sizes:

  • Akira Rig S1 (40mm x 40mm x 40mm x 75mm)
  • Akira Rig S2 (40mm x 75mm x 75mm x 75mm)

Please note that this is not a toy and adult supervision is required.

Key features

  • This rig will allow you to achieve complex and unbalanced positions required for walking cycles, runs, jumps, etc.
  • Already assembled and soldered for high strength, no glue required!
  • The design is compact so that it can be easily hidden behind your character.
  • Two different arm endings included with every rig:
    • 1/8” square tube
    • M3 threaded rod
  • Professional 6mm ball and socket joints
  • Stainless steel construction yet magnetic as we use our special stainless steel alloy that also reduces galling on the balls.
  • The base has multiple holes to enable many options of attachment to your set, including clamp or magnetic connection.
  • Especially designed for Akira 09 armature although it can also be used with other armatures with 1/8” square hole or M3 tapped hole as rigging points.
  • Allen key included!
Weight 140 g
Dimensions 76 × 76 × 22 mm
Rig size

Akira Rig S1, Akira Rig S2

4 reviews for Akira Rig (S1 / S2)

  1. Chris

    Ricky Rig S2 review. Nice product, nice packaging, prompt delivery. I’ll definitely be back as I need more supplies.

  2. Stephen

    super rig – a must have Super rig, easy to assemble and use.

  3. Anthony

    A great little rig Love this rig! Does what it’s supposed to and it’s build quite well.

  4. Nayelli Ojeda

    El rig optimiza tiempos de animación ya que por las propiedades de su construcción no se afloja rápidamente. Debido a esto, puedo decir que es muy muy bueno y está pensado y diseñado para lograr largas jornadas de animación sin tener que preocuparte por estar apretando su posición.

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