Akira 101 Blank Head

Akira 101 Blank Head is a character head specially designed for use in stop motion animation. It facilitates easy face replacements and eyes/eyelids movement. It connects painlessly to armatures using a single screw (included) and it comes with lots of amazing features that will make animating an enjoyable experience.

Akira 101 Blank Head comes with moveable eyes, eyelids (lower and upper), exchangeable ears, easy face replacement – full-face or split into the upper half (eye-brows) and lower half (mouth), hidden magnets to enable easy replacement of eyebrows, mouth, hair, etc. (eyebrows, mouths, hair, etc. not included).

With Akira 101 Blank Head you can have a completely professional stop motion character head ready for animating out of the box or with some extra time and some acrylic colours/clay you can have an amazing head exactly how you like it.

Would you like us to build your very own character’s head using our design of Akira 101 Blank Head? Drop us a line and we’ll aim to give you a quote within 2 working days.

Please note this product is NOT intended as a toy. Adult supervision is required.

Key Features

    • Easy head connexion to armature neck. Insert and tighten the screw. That’s it!
    • Compatible with our stop motion armatures: ⅛ “ square brass connexion and M3 rod connexion.
    • Simple eye mounting system. Only one screw (included).
    • Plug-in eyeball and eyelids, no screws needed.
    • 14mm diameter Eye Balls with drilled pupils for easy animation: Full rotation, Pan, Tilt, and Roll 360 degrees range. No limits!
    • Posable Eyelids: upper and lower. High range of rotation on Tilt and Roll for increasing facial expressions like sad, angry, observant…
    • Eyelids are independent and without contact between eyeball and eyelids movement. The move from one doesn’t interfere (or affect) the other.
    • Blank canvas: Paint it and/or Clay it (for oven-baked clays please note a 90°C max temperature). Paint all the parts or shape them with oven-baked clay like Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey firm or air-dry clay such as apoxie sculpt or miliput.
    • Ear easy replacement mechanism that can also fit a ⅛ “ square brass connexion and M3 rod (for making extra features, like horns – not included). This mechanism effectively gives you 2 rigging points on the head!
    • Posable Eyebrows in multiple positions (easily giving that extra eye-blinking animation touch). There’s no need to sculpt multiple shapes for eyebrows if you don’t want to.
    • Hidden and fitted magnet on the mouth area for holding mouth shapes with magnet or steel.
    • Face replacement ready using magnets already fitted (magnetic registration).
    • Hair replacement ready using magnets already fitted and hidden within the head  (compatible with our Akira Scalp Replacement 101 piece – coming soon).
    • Compact head with big eyes allows endless shapes customizations.
    • Smooth face shape allowing you to reach any form via customisations but you can use as it is as well.
    • Mouthless design to allow for multiple lip syncing options: stickers, magnetic mouth shapes, non-drying clay, etc.
    • Lightweight but strong plastic construction Nylon PA2200
    • The Female/kid Expressions version of this head includes 5 mouth shapes and 4 upper eyebrows faceplates as shown in the picture.
    • No assembly or glue required! Just add your art on it and start animating
    • **** Metal stand and neck joint shown in pictures not included ***

Box includes

  • Akira 101 Blank Head already assembled, including:
    • Skull piece
    • 2 eye mounting systems (left and right)
    • 4 eyelids (2 upper and 2 lower)
    • 2 ears
    • 2 plastic eyeballs with drilled pupils
    • 1 face replacement (please chose from Male Full Face / Male Split Face / Female Full Face / Female Split Face / Female or Kid Expressions: 5 mouth shapes and 4 upper eyebrows faceplates)
  • Allen key
  • Manual

To help you design your character with Akira 101 Blank Head we’ve created a pdf file with the dimensions so you can draw over it. You can download it here: Akira 101 Blank head – drawing sheet

More details, including tips and tutorials on how to customise it, which paints to use, etc. coming real soon…

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 55 mm
Face replacement type

Male 1 Piece Face Replacement, Male Split Face Replacement, Female 1 Piece Face Replacement, Female Split Face Replacement, Male 1 Piece with Mouth pocket, Male Split Face with Pocket, Female/Kid Expressions

2 reviews for Akira 101 Blank Head

  1. Alessio (verified owner)

    The head is very beautiful and light. The eyelids and eyes move very easily and remain still for animation.
    Perhaps slightly a little too mobile the eyelids that often rotate even to the right and left easily.
    I purchased the version with the separate face. They hook well.

    For the rest nothing to add all very positive
    The packaging is very pretty.

    Seller available, available and kind.

  2. JakeS (verified owner)

    The head is light, and durable. The magnets are stronger than expected, and nothing will fall off or slide accidentally, however everything will detach and adjust very easily when intentional

    The build quality excellent.

    One thing that I really like in particular, that is not mentioned anywhere is the fact that it has a slightly rough texture that holds any moldings very well, for example I use modeling clay to build up a little more shape and a little extra personality in my characters faces, I’ll add clay to the nose, cheek, chin, jaw, and a little on the brow (the brow is a little harder to build up, as the magnets still need to able to hold), and that texture helps the clay stick, and dry in place without any sliding or detaching.

    Modularity is insanely cool. For now, I am using one head, but I can swap out different faceplates, eyes, eyebrows, scalp (hair), ears, and mouths, so in effect one head can be used as numerous characters as long as they aren’t on screen simultaneously. This is great for indies, amateurs, and just people in general that can’t afford to or aren’t willing to drop money for several all at once. It’s a really great approach with massive appeal, and this design choice eases both budget concerns, and getting up and running in a timely manner.

    The face is very expressive, and easy to work with. The eyelids are a bit tight and more difficult to get really fine adjustments on, but I feel like they wouldn’t hold their positions as well if they were any looser than what they are, so I can live with it.

    I honestly can’t find a true fault with the product.

    I would really like to see them offer a smaller version though, this thing is a lot bigger than I expected, almost too big. A lot of cartoons use overly sized heads, it’s pretty much accepted and if you want to follow that path it’s fine, but for my personal taste it’s just too big. My characters have MASSIVE heads (and I don’t mean cartoonishly proportioned, I mean their heads are ridiculously big and it bothers me, I am constantly wishing they weren’t so large). If you wanted to make a more realistically proportioned character you would need an armature about 40 cm (16”) tall, and that’s a really really tall armature, and in turn you would need to have A LOT of space for your sets.

    Very satisfied with this product, I will be getting a couple more and would recommend to anyone who wants facial animation in their stop motion.

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