How to remove Thread-locking Glue

How to remove thread-locking glue from your Stop-Motion Armature

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How to remove thread-locking glue Many of you purchase armature kits or buy stand-alone stop-motion joints to build your very own stop-motion armature that fits your character. Stop motion armature kits out there, including ours, come with a high strength Thread-locking glue such as Loctite 270. This type of glue is used to prevent loosening of the […]

Stop Motion Tutorial: How to make a ball and socket tail

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Stop motion tutorial: How to make a ball and socket tail In this tutorial we’ll try to explain how to make a ball and socket tail for your stop motion armature to give that “feline” effect. Materials needed Threaded lollies Single joints Dremel tool with metal cutting disk and grinder (or metal saw) Threadlocker glue high strength […]