Please take me there: when transport changes everything

Even though it’s already 2018, moving people and things from A to B is still a basic need across the world. For many families and children, reaching basic services like hospitals and schools is often an uphill struggle because of the high costs of transport.

For this article, we have decided to take a pause from our regular stop-motion themed articles, to tell you about a cause that has caught our attention. Upuno will be collaborating with Please Take Me there, a UK charity that works with seriously ill children. Please Take Me There provides access to schools and hospitals for children across the world. They fund tickets, petrol and even flights for children who cannot afford the high costs of reaching these much needed facilities.


The people behind Please Take Me There realised that you can make a big difference to people’s lives simply by providing transport to those who need it most.

In developing countries, only 20% of children with cancer survive compared to the more than 80% that are cured in UK. Families from rural areas struggle to get to the only hospital in the country that can treat them. They may have to sell everything they have and even lose their home to afford the costs.

Fernando Pinho with the Cambridge-based team Alex, Anna and Natalie.
Fernando Pinho with the Cambridge-based team Alex, Anna and Natalie.

Please Take Me There was founded as The Amélia Project Foundation by well-known Portuguese theatre producer and artistic director, Fernando Pinho.

Using his contacts in the media industry, he raised the profile of the organisation and got the backing of Portuguese celebrities like actor Joaquim de Almeida (the bad guy from Fast & Furious 5), and the composer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 winner, the Portuguese singer Luísa Sobral.

Pilots wanted!

The foundation is currently running projects in Myanmar and Ghana, and provides transport to over 60 children every month. Their latest campaign, Fly Through Cancer, has just been launched. Please Take Me There is raising money to fund a small airplane to give vitally needed transport for children in the UK suffering with diseases like Leukaemia. This will allow families to travel safely, privately and quickly between their home and medical facilities when the journey is too long and dangerous for seriously ill children.


Here at Upuno we want to do our part and help spread the message about this truly life changing charity. We believe that stop motion is a great way for communicating with kids and adults so we will provide our support to spread their word. More details will come soon…

In the meantime, if you have those spare pennies, feel you could donate your next “Birthday” or perhaps buy a beautiful card to send to your friends, loved ones, or secret idol, then visit their website now!


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