Akira 101 Blank head is now on sale!

Akira 101 Blank Head header

Akira 101 Blank head is now on sale!

Our Akira 101 range is now available for purchase!

Akira 101 Blank head comes with replacement face (single piece or split at eye level), independent movement of eyes and eyelids, ear replacement and hidden magnets to support mouth, eyebrows and hair pieces.

You can also purchase extra faces (female/male single face replacement, split face replacement – upper and lower), eye balls, extra eye lids and extra ears.

Are you interested in bulk purchase?

Our website is not yet ready to accept bulk orders, this feature is coming soon. However you can drop us an email and we can send you a separate link to purchase your bulk order.  The discounts are as follow for anything in the Akira 101 range:

  • 5% discount if you purchase 10 – 24 units of the same item (for example 10 split face replacement upper)
  • 10% discount if you purchase 25 or more of the same item.

Would you like to make your own character’s blank head based on our Akira 101 Blank Head?

We can adjust our design to your character (smaller, bigger, rounder, etc.). Drop us an email and we’ll aim to reply with a quote within 48h.

Happy Animating!

4 thoughts on “Akira 101 Blank head is now on sale!

  1. hi
    i bought recently Akira head
    can you make custom Face Replacement as the multi faces

    1. Hello, thanks for reaching out. Yes, we can make custom face replacements compatible with Akira 101 Blank Head. Please drop us an email with your requirements and we can provide further details. Thanks!

    1. In our store you have a calculator for the shipping fares. The prices are in GBP.

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