4 Ingenious Action Figure Stop Motion Animators

4 Ingenious Action Figure Stop Motion Animators

4 Ingenious Action Figure Stop Motion Animators

We all love action figures, especially when playing with them and saving the day by punishing the enemy. But have you ever wondered how can a story look like when told from an action figure’s perspective? Or maybe if it was possible to recreate a movie in a short video, featuring different action figures?

Well guess what…

Stop motion with action figures is actually quite popular. There are a lots of aspiring artists who turn their action figures into real action; filming them in different angles and exploiting the massive potential of stop motion animation. 

Even Instagram is working on a stop motion option of creating gifs which will make it even easier for you to play with your action figures and share your stories online.

Today, we are featuring some popular stop motion animators that use action figures to tell their stories:

Derek Kwok and Henri Wong

Derek Kwok and Henri Wong - Stop Motion
Derek Kwok and Henri Wong – Stop Motion

The Hong Kong toy company Hot Toys was definitely proud to see some of their action figures on the screen of Vimeo. Produced by filmmakers Derek Kwok and Henri Wong, the video named ‘Batman: Dark Knightfall is perfectly resembling the actual movie from an action figure perspective.

What is great aside from the realistic action figures here, is the sound, backgrounds as well as close-to-perfect cinematic lighting and effects. All this gives the film a dose of realism that is amusing to find in a stop motion video. 

This was the duo’s first attempt in creating a stop motion film over 5 years ago and probably one that inspired many action figure animators.

You can see more about their work here.

Counter656 Animations

Counter656 - Stop Motion
Counter656 – Stop Motion

If there is a YouTube channel devoted to shooting action figure stop motion films, it has to be the one of Counter656. Basically, the producer has around 700k followers and many videos hitting million views.

The popularity is there for a reason. The way in which the Counter656 produces stop motion is great. Even though his background is most of the time simple and home-based, the motion of the main characters (action figures), sound effects and animation is what makes every single video of his perfect. The Dragon Ball Z‘ video is a great example of his talent.

The Taiwanese man shoots everything in his living room, and has dozens of videos featuring different action figures. He uses a combination of nice action figures (and cars) as well as Photoshop to add effects or remove his own hand and deliver impressive results.

You can subscribe to his channel here.


Jordan Tseng

Jordan Tseng
Jordan Tseng

A while back we wrote about the also Taiwanese Jordan Tseng, where we talked about his ‘Snappy Dragon Ball Fight‘, an action figure stop motion video where he interacts with Dragon Ball.

His videos are amazing and a great combination of talent, stop motion know how and wonderful visual effects (and the most accurate representation of what happens in our imagination when we are playing with our action figure toys).

Jordan Tseng’s style is quite distinctive and has his own signature moves, some of which have inspired many animators out there (including us!). His work is exquisite and if you love your toys you’ll want them to come to life just like they do on his videos.

You can subscribe to his youtube channel here.



Moonshine Animations

Moonshine Animations - Stop Motion
Moonshine Animations – Stop Motion

Seeing the legendary minions from ‘Despicable Me’ in a bloody fight is not something you’d expect. However, it can be seen on Moonshine Animations’ youtube channel, with just under 60k subscribers but with millions of views on his videos.

What makes the action figure videos interesting is the fact that Moonshine Animations works with tons of ad-hoc backgrounds, real and ingenuous special effects and subtle but enhancing visual effects. His filming angles, focus and blur all give the videos unique flair and a professional look.

Furthermore, with a distinctive dark humour and B Horror Movie style, showing a high degree of craft and aesthetic ingenuity together with some gracious gore.

And his audience really knows how to appreciate all of this. In less than 2 months, his latest video ‘KILL CONTRACT: Minions – Despicable Me’ collected over 2 million views – which is certainly a proof for its quality.

Moon Kim uses many different action figures such as the Hulk, Peppa and The Murder Machine, but on this particular video also features Liliya Reznya. An original creation of Moon Kim for which we had the immense pleasure and honour of bringing to the real world from his 2D sketches (see our infographic on how to make an action figure).

On this video, only Reznya’s head is made by us (you can read on the video’s comments if you would like to know more about all the different characters on this video).

You can watch and subscribe to this great stop motion action figure video channel here.

We can’t wait to hear from you – so leave a comment with your best stop motion action figure picks below!

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  1. What are the toys she uses in the minions one I’m talking about the soilders pls tell me my YouTube channel is SwaggyBoi OG just comment it on my video

  2. I truly miss Willis O’Brien and Ray Harryhausen stop motion film work.I wish them both peace but I still yearn for the quality of work they gave the world.

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