“Roommate Wanted – Dead or Alive”: Stop Motion or CG?

Roommate Wanted Dead or Alive short film

Roommate Wanted – Dead or Alive: Stop Motion or CG?

The Story

We can all relate to the story of having a roommate from hell. Whether it was a situation from back in the day – or a present one – roommates are either too messy or too tidy. The fact that you have to spend most of your quality time with them only makes matters worse.

If there is one thing that makes a bad roommate worse (well, at least for some), it is definitely having a zombie for a roommate. This is the main plot in the pitch of “Roommate Wanted” – a graduation film from The Animation Workshop (VIA University College) in Denmark that tries to describe a common storyline through clay aesthetic modelling.

Stop Motion or CG?

When it comes to animated movies, being able to tell the difference between stop motion (real puppets and objects) and a computer generated animation can be difficult, especially when they’ve done a really good job.

Although some may find it hard to believe, “Roommate Wanted – Dead or Alive” was all created using CG. But it’s still giving us the illusion of a Stop Motion animation on every aspect – from the movement, the light and even textures. Brilliantly executed, it does take some time for the untrained eye to detect that it’s not actually Stop Motion Animation.

Laerke Kromann and the co-director David Crisp, the producers of this great stop motion movie said: “none of us had been trained in stop motion animation, so we felt more secure making it CG”, referring to the ease of computer graphics animation in comparison with the craftsmanship of Stop Motion Animation.

Still, the short film is far from simple – and actually portrays a realistic storyline that is perfect for its length. Even though the production of the movie required a completely different cycle and a few turns in terms of CG production, it all turned well in the very end.

If you would like to know more about how this brilliant short movie was done, visit their official blog here: Roommate Wanted Blog

So, do you still prefer to animate in Stop Motion or perhaps feel the temptation to try out CG? Comments below!

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