6 Great Music Videos that Use Stop Motion Animation

6 Great Music Videos that Use Stop Motion Animation

6 Great Music Videos that Use Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion seems to be steadily on the rise according to Google Trends. This unique animation method used by many stop motion artists has been the favourite to many people around the globe, including us. Its use is popular in many industries. One of them is the music industry, where we have seen many great music videos adopting the stop motion animation methodology as a way to give images to music.

Although charming, unique and definitely demanding, one of the pleasures of watching these kinds of music videos is appreciating all the effort that goes into producing each and every second of them. Furthermore, in order to show you what a great stop motion animation looks like in a music video, we are listing six great music videos that will help you appreciate even more the beauty of this animation technique.

1. Oren Lavie – “Her Morning Elegance” (2010)

The first stop motion music video we would like to present to you is one from the Israeli singer Oren Lavie. It has been done using Pixilation where the singer and an actress have been photographed frame by frame to create a phenomenal effect. Shot in different poses on a bed, it creates a story where the bed is the main canvas for the storyline of two people. As a result and thanks to stop motion, the main characters are walking, floating and performing different actions while in reality they are only lying on bed in different positions.

This video earned a grammy nomination for “Best Short Form Music Video” and it has already over 31 million views on Youtube!

2. Fleet Foxes – “Mykonos” (2009)

This song is from the indie folk band “Fleet Foxes“. It was released in 2009 as part of their album Sun Giant. Even though the type of animation in this stop motion video seems a bit difficult to spot from a first look, it is definitely an impressive one and one detailing thousands of different movements. It was directed by Sean Pecnold (the brother of the singer) and this video follows the adventures of two pieces of triangular papers. An alluring way of cutout animation at its best.

If you have a moment, it is worth spending a bit of time watching the Making of Mykonos, so that you can appreciate all the effort put on this beautiful video.

3. White Stripes – “Fell In Love with a Girl” (2002)

We all know how unique White Stripes, an American rock band formed in 1997 in Detroit, are with their videography – and this is another proof for that. Shot in 2002 and directed by Michel Gondry, the stop motion video for their song “Fell In Love with a Girl” is constructed using LEGO bricks.

This music video is actually what made the band huge when it first aired. The lead singer even tried to strike a deal with LEGO to promote their figures in a music video that adopts stop motion technique. This technique also known as “bricks in motion” has a huge fan base and it’s very popular as an introduction to stop motion.

4. Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

Another video from the indie band Fleet Foxes also directed by Sean Pecknold. This time they use claymation with puppets and a forest scene, where time passes in a particular manner. The video demonstrates different lighting schemes, movements and nature in its very own motion. A deep combination that results in a soul touching blend.

5. OK Go – Last Leaf

Another great stop motion music video comes from the legendary producers known for their amazing stop motion videography: the members of OK GO. It revolves on two slices of bread with the action burned on them, which is where the artistry of this video lyes. The difficulty of filming is evident and this music video is both the simplest and the most challenging you can see in this range. Amazing what 215 slices of bread can make!

6. Radiohead – Burn the Witch

Released in May 2016, “Burn the Witch” is the lead song on Radiohead’s album A Moon Shaped Pool. The song has a long story with the band on how it was conceived but the video is based on the 1966 stop motion animated television series “Camberwick Green” and the 1973 British horror film “The Wicker Man“. It earned a nomination for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards for Best Rock Song.

The video reassembles the style of many of the british children stop motion TV shows. The story has many different twists along the way that give the combination of lyrics and image some serious food for thought.

We hope you liked our list of stop motion music videos just as we did! If you have any more to add, feel free to comment below!

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