5 Stop Motion Picks from Vimeo

5 stop motion picks from Vimeo

5 Stop Motion Picks from Vimeo

Nowadays there are many different platforms where you could upload your stop motion videos to share with the world your artistic side but also where anyone can enjoy the fantastic work of the many stop motion animators out there, such as the many stop motion videos on instagram or the huge list of stop motion videos on youtubeBut today we wanted to bring to your attention the fantastic platform of Vimeo and 5 stop motion picks we found and wanted to share with you. Vimeo has a much smaller community than other platforms such as youtube, but it offers a more mature, quality oriented audience that offers constructive feedback and it comes free from ads!

We do spend some time watching the beautiful work from many animators and here are the 5 hand picked videos from Vimeo that used stop motion beautifully:

1. Making Of Emojis For NBA by Stefano Colferai

This popular stop motion video basically animates the creation of famous NBA players and mascots out of clay. The vivid colors of clay and the originality of the artist makes this video exciting – just like the well-described process of creating clay figures and emojis for the most popular basketball league, the NBA.

What’s also interesting are the sound animations that give life to these mascots and emojis, making the video even more interesting and captivating for every viewer.

2. Analogue Loaders by Raphael Vangelis

This video is rather different from the first one – mainly because it combines both physical objects and animations to create a synergy of stop motion techniques that give life to objects through animations.

From the boxes that grow by themselves and become bars – to the sand clock and bubbles rotating in symmetrical motion, it is clear that Raphael Vangelis, the author behind this stop motion video, is truly a creative artist and gives a different “spin” to loaders.

3. Dan Sultan – Magnetic by Dropbear

This stop motion video invites you to a museum-like tour where you can see different forms of a 3D printed sculpt head.  It all begins with two robots creating the bust head of a man through 3D printing, perfectly animated and timed to present a statue that later moves and is given life to. Then, the statue starts singing the song that runs in the background.

After a while, the statue starts changing colors and different color patterns through it. Then, it is given wings, flames behind it as well as different objects to make it vivid and lively. A truly fantastic combination of 3D Printing, projection mapping and stop motion.

4. Deer Flower by Kangmin Kim

Recreating the ambience of nature, this artist uses stop motion and 2D animation in a unique and remarkable way to describe a memory from his childhood. The story describes the ordeal of a child who is asked to go through a spiritual experience via an ethically questionable method of mistreating a Deer which many would find disturbing but highlights and brings to the attention of the viewer precisely the absurd actions of some “adults”.

The artist used cardboards to create figures of people, animals and insects and hand painted all which was the part that impressed most of the viewers as the style and craftsmanship are unique and made it deserve the staff pick premiere from Vimeo. A story that is definitely worth watching.

5. The Shins ‘Half A Million’ by Lamar and Nik

Last but not the least is the stop motion video from “The Shins” which features the band singing the song “Half a million” as well as real-life images using stop motion via 5566 stickers used on 40+ locations to create the illusion of movement of black and white photos overlapping everyday life. One of our favourite moments is when there’s a giant hand playing the piano on a white fence.

Beautiful execution of stop motion via stickers!

So, have you got your favourite from all these stop motion videos? Which one do you think is best? Let us know in the comments!

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