Stop Motion Bespoke Puppet: The Rabbit

Stop Motion Puppet bespoke Rabbit header

Stop Motion bespoke puppet: The Rabbit

Rabbit Stop Motion Puppet
Rabbit Stop Motion Puppet

With the client’s permission, we wanted to share with you some fabrication details of a stop motion bespoke puppet: The Rabbit. She will come to life under the wonderful hands of the stop motion animator.

It all started with an email with a few sketches the client had in mind. After few iterations to clarify the design options, finishings, movements and features we agreed on how we could build this puppet. After few weeks of work, including video and photo weekly progress updates, she was ready.

On this blog post we’d like to show you the making of this wonderful puppet (we loved working on her!) and as soon as the owner publishes the work done with her, we’ll share it with you too.

Building the body

For this puppet we used a combination of our ready made armatures. For the top half we used Lisa M ready made armature and from the waist down we used Milo L, this gave us the correct dimensions as per the sketch provided.

Although all our armatures are protected against rust, we covered this one with tape (PTFE Thread seal tape) to protect it from glue and other materials getting into the joints. This will also allow for the armature to be reused in the future if needed. On the hands, we attached magnets to enable the puppet to “grab” small objects.

For the body’s volume we used upholstery foam cut and glued to the armature, then shaped to the design. Once the body had the correct shape, leaving access to rigging points and tie downs, we gave a very thin layer of polyester fibre (toy’s stuffing)  to smooth the surface and give it a stuffed-toy effect. Once the layer was ready and homogenous around the body, we then sew the fabric acting as skin around it, again leaving access to rigging points and tie downs.

Building the head

For the head we used a combination of brass, polystyrene, small magnets (to hold the eyes in place), clay and wire to get the structure right. For the ears we used wire and styled foam. For the whiskers we also used wire. Then we used a thin layer of polyester fibre and finally a layer of fabric. All round hand-sewn to ensure correct fitting.

Sewing the clothes

We hand made the clothing of this puppet, creating the garment’s patterns based on the sketches from the client. We used elastic denim for the trousers (as removable clothes were a requirement), cotton fabric for the vest, craft foam for the vest’s buttons and small hooks to keep the vest in place.

Bespoke Stop Motion Puppet Rabbit - Collage
Bespoke Stop Motion Puppet Rabbit – Collage

We loved working on her very much and we can’t wait to see what lovely stories she’ll be involved with!

Would you like us to build your next stop motion puppet?

If you need a bespoke stop motion puppet or action figure, please contact us. We can build puppets from fabric style, silicone, 3D Printed and multiple combinations to suit your needs.

Happy animating!

The UPuno Team.

2 thoughts on “Stop Motion Bespoke Puppet: The Rabbit

  1. It is the Blank Head that I am most interested in at this time. And further down the proverbial stop motion road….making the mouth articulations (3-d Printed ones) that will work with this Puppet Head. Any thing in that area that you may lead me to, or already have skills concerning, I am all very big ears. Nice to have found this company, and there is no doubt within the next three or four months I will be doing business with you. (Building sets right now and completing script). Thanks, W E S L E Y

    1. Hi, thanks for contacting. We can give you some guidance on how to get the best out of Akira 101 Blank Head and how to create mouth shapes. Drop us an email when you’re closer to creating your characters and we’ll try to help! 🙂

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