Theo and his teddy bear, a 2D animation

Theo and his teddy bear, 2D animation

Theo and his teddy bear, a 2D animation

We’d like to present you with a little 2D animation we have done. We hope you like it and look forward to hearing your feedback.


Theo is a little boy who gives his dad a hard time going to bed at night, his dad is so exhausted that he can barely move that evening. His mum goes to check on him, hoping he’s fast sleep only to find an interesting surprise…

Why 2D?

We like to try different animation techniques as we like to learn new things all the time. We created this clip using animation in 2D. We’re big fans of “The amazing world of Gumball” as they use all types of animation techniques (stop motion, 2D CGI, cutout/papercut, a bit of pixilation, etc.) and mix them up beautifully! So we thought of trying out a bit of 2D animation to complement our animation knowledge and as the new parents we are, it also gives a hint of what our future will soon look like! hehe.

What did we use to create this?

We use mostly open source software. We have found that it’s incredibly powerful and almost everything can be done with it, although, we’ve also used a few things that are proprietary. In any case, here’s the list of resources we’ve used to produce this clip:

  • Inkscape and Gimp for characters and backgrounds
  • Blender for creating the animation of each scene and compositing the end video
  • GarageBand for music composition and few sound effects
  • Some of the sound effects were downloaded from Soundible (all downloaded effects used on our clip are public domain)

We look forward to hearing what you think!

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