Stop motion: Rigs now available at UPuno store


Stop motion: Rigs now available at UPuno store

In this post we want to announce the launch on our store of a couple of new products: our stop motion rigs.

These rigs are a big help when animating your character. With them you can achieve postures otherwise impossible. A rig will aid you to animate during walks and run cycles, jumps, flights, etc.

These are two very compact rigs easy to use in small sets. Also by being small they can be well hidden behind your character making them easy to eliminate in post-production. The design also reduces the torque that the rig will need to support so more poses can be achieved and joints will suffer less. Although being compact, the joints are heavy duty to cope with the weight of the character attached to.

Ricky Rig S1 is shorter than Ricky Rig S2 and has been designed with our M size armatures in mind. Ricky Rig S2 will be suitable for L armatures but this is just a guide. Dimensions are available for you at our store so you can chose according to your needs.

Both rigs come with two different end connexions: 1/8″ square tube and M3 threaded rod. This goes in-line with the rigging points available in our armatures (1/8″ square hole & M3 threaded hole) as described below.

Lisa M Armature - 8 Rigging points
Lisa M Armature – 8 Rigging points

1/8″ Square Tube Connexion

Stop Motion rig square tube connexion
Stop Motion rig square tube connexion

This is the easiest to use. Just insert the brass tube into a hole on the armature and tighten the grub screw next to it to secure the connexion.

M3 Threaded Rod Connexion

Stop Motion rig M3 connexion
Stop Motion rig M3 connexion

In general, If you screw a M3 rod directly to the hole, the connexion will not be secured unless you use a nut at the end of the threaded rod and tighten it against your character. This way is still not very secure if you turn your character anticlockwise. Also the nut will most probably damage your character skin. So we’ve come out with the idea to insert a square tube that can slide on the threaded rod. So first screw the rod on the M3 hole (easier if the connector is not attached to the rig at this point) and then tighten the wing nut. This will push the square tube against the character making a strong connexion. Then just attach the rod back to the rig. This is less intrusive for you character skin and allows reaching areas where a wing nut will not get due to its size.

See the video below for a demonstration on how to connect the rig using both types of connectors:

Another great feature is the base. It can be clamped using screws or bolts through the multiple holes provided, it can accept a big weight to counterbalance the load or can be clamped using magnets as base is magnetic yet stainless steel (as it’s the whole structure) using our special alloy that reduces galling. We don’t want you to be working with a rusted part!

We hope this product will help you animate !

Happy animating

UPuno Team

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