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Stop Motion Tie-Down now available at UPuno Store

M3 Threaded Tie-Down rod

Stop Motion Tie-Down now available at UPuno Store

We’ve launched a Stop Motion M3 Threaded Tie-Down and it’s now available on our stop motion store.

All our armatures come with 2 tie-downs included but now you can buy them separately and at a competitive price.

When animating your character, quite often you need to place your puppet at out-of-balance pose like the following picture.

M3 Threaded Tie-Down and Stop Motion Armature
M3 Threaded Tie-Down and Stop Motion Armature

To keep your character in balance you can choose to attach the foot to the floor or hold your character with a rig.

Tie-downs have the advantage over rigs that you don’t need to remove them during post-production as usually they sit out of the shot. However, tie-downs need at least one foot placed on the ground.

Threaded tie-downs hold your character stronger than magnetic tie-downs. This is very important to minimise non-desired character movements that will cause longer animation time. On the flip side, threaded tie-downs are a bit more difficult to attach and you need a hole on your stage floor.

To set them up you only need to screw the tie-down through a clearance hole on the floor set (sometimes called table stage) into your character’s tapped hole. Then tighten up the wing nut against the table until you feel a strong connexion.

M3 Threaded Tie-Down
M3 Threaded Tie-Down

If you have any question please get in touch and we will try to help you.

UPuno team

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