Stop Motion: BEN Armature Kit, Male or Female?

stop motion Ben armature kit ball and socket

Stop Motion: BEN Armature Kit, Male or Female?

Today we’ll like to talk about our stop motion Ben armature kit available in our store.

We’ve designed this armature so that it can easily be adapted to your creations. It can have almost as long or as short extremities as you need. Even feet have this capability!

Here is an example of how to build Ben as a female armature.

Ben armature kit can be adapted lengthwise by cutting the M3 threaded rod and threaded lollies but to achieve shorter shoulders you need to rearrange some double joints too.

As you can see in the man silhouette below, there are 2 long double joints (painted in blue) used as shoulders and two short double joints (painted in red) as spine. We can replace the long shoulder joints with the short double joints from the spine and replace both small double joints from the spine with one long double joint.

Then you just need to cut the threaded rod to the right length, assemble it all together using the glue provided or solder it for a stronger connexion. Now it’s ready to receive the skin and clothes and is ready to animate.

Ben armature kit male & female silhouette
Ben armature kit male & female silhouette

Being an armature kit, the configurations are endless. Share with us your creations as we will love to see what you’ve done.

If you need advice on how to adapt this armature kit to your character please get in touch with us and we’ll be able to help you.

Also we can design and produce your bespoke design. Visit our bespoke designs section for more details.

Enjoy animating!

UPuno Team

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