Hidden treasure: stop motion short film “Birdhouse” (1996)

stop motion short film Birdhouse (1996) By Richard C. Zimmerman - Still from Vimeo

Hidden treasure: stop motion short film “Birdhouse” (1996)

Looking inside the hidden treasures box from the past, we found a fascinating stop motion short film: “Birdhouse” (1996) by Richard C. Zimmerman.

This seven minute stop motion film tells the story of Pablo, on the day a mysterious package shows up at his door. It was written, animated and directed by Richard C. Zimmerman in 1996 between the productions of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “James and the Giant Peach“.

The Birdhouse short movie was nominated at Cannes film festival in 1997, and won several awards, including the Chicago international Film Festival (1996) as Best Experimental Short Film, Hollywood Film awards (1997) as Best Animated Film, San Francisco International Film Festival (1997) as Bay Area Film and Video – Short Works and Sundance Film Festival (1997) as Honorable Mention.

Richard C. Zimmerman has also worked as an animator on a more recent stop motion animation movie which we’re sure you’ve heard all about: “Coraline” (2009). Directed by Henry Selick and produced by the animation studio Laika, it was the first stop-motion feature to be conceived and photographed in stereoscopic 3D and also used 3D printing for character expressions and more.

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