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Whether you need help with a character design, a bespoke armature or you'd like us to build your next stop motion puppet, we're here for you. We have the skills and know-how for complex mechanical objects combined with the creativity to be able to join the artist's world with the mechanical needs of a stop motion design. We are familiar with a variety of techniques and methods for bringing to life your creations including 3D Printing. If you require help with particular props or custom-build rails, please get in touch with us. We have over 10 years of mechanical engineering experience on our backs.

Very good armature (Akira 09), would buy again, top quality. Great company as well, brilliant customer services!!!, thank you very much!!!!!

Brilliant customer services! Smithies

You guys have been more than helpful and lovely and providing us with whatever we have requested at lightning speeds. If you have any customer satisfaction polls, I would rate yours at 10/10!

Best customer service ever! (NFTS) N.S. (NFTS)

“Questi ragazzi hanno uno dei servizi clienti più formidabili che abbiamo mai incontrato!” – These guys have one of the most formidable customer services that we have ever met!

UFOStudio stopmotion production

Bespoke rigs: Thank you so much for the amazing rigs, friendly customer service and super fast shipping! You’re the best! (Budlight commercial)

RunningStills Productions

Ricky Rig: Nice product, nice packaging, prompt delivery. I’ll definitely be back as I need more supplies.

C. Willoughby

Ben – Stop Motion Armature Kit: Super armature – well worth it. Excellent quality, super easy to customise to your needs. Clear instructions for 1/8th scale included. Would purchase again.

S. Butler

Ricky Rig (Akira Rig): super rig – a must have. Super rig, easy to assemble and use.

S. Butler

Milo M:Beautifully constructed! I received my Milo – M and S1 support armatures incredibly fast considering the international shipment. The armatures are beautifully constructed and a pleasure to work with. These are professional pieces, no doubt about it. I look forward to animating with these and continuing to support Upuno and their wonderful products. Thanks so much!

A. Salermo

Ricky Rig (Akira Rig) – A great little rig: Love this rig! Does what it’s supposed to and it’s build quite well.

A. Salermo

Ben Stop Motion Armature Kit: Armature Ben… Fast shipping, great armature, simple to assemble. Glad I stumbled across the website. Well made, structure very stable and easily manipulated. Highly recommended.


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