About us

A few words about us

We are a small studio based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. We design and manufacture Armatures, Rigs and other components for stop motion animation. We also make bespoke puppets and action figures. We love what we do and put every effort into ensuring you love it too.

Our History

August 2013

Our company was founded

After years of “Groundhog-day” jobs in mechanical and software engineering, we founded Upuno (/ʌpuno/), the place where our passion for the perfect craft can be fully explored.

December 2014

Our online store goes live

After a year of research and really hard work we opened our online shop with our line of armatures – Ben, Milo and Lisa – and Rigs.


December 2017

New line of armatures: Akira

Akira armature line is live! We redesigned all our armatures to enhance them with features.

The Team